Academic Catalog

Gender Studies

Gender Studies minor (15 hours)

Requirements: 15 credit hours from three departments and two academic divisions; at least six hours at the 300-level or above; and IDIS 291.

Social Science Division:

ANTH 201

HIST 317, 378 (with the addition of a major paper, topic to be approved by the program advisor)

HLSC 312

PSYC 321

SOCI 330, 342, 345

Arts and Humanities Division:

COMM 340

ENGL 387

FREN 325

GERM 350

RELG 261, 353

Education Division:

PE 355

Science Division:

BIOL 122

Options: Special topic courses in other departments (Political Science, Business, Education, Art, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Conservation Science, for example) could also count toward the Gender Studies minor. Internships (up to three credit hours) consisting of placement at an agency dealing with gender-based concerns (sexual assault intervention, shelter work, etc.), writing, designing or editing Gender Studies newsletter or journal, working with programs in the schools (to encourage nontraditional careers, for example, or to assist single parents). Directed or independent study, cross-listed courses from a variety of departments.

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