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Multicultural Student Services

The mission of the International/Multicultural Student Services Office is to support each student in growing and succeeding in academic studies as well as with co-curricular opportunities.

The office engages students in critical thinking activities designed to empower them to make moral and ethical lifelong choices which will influence the future communities in which they will reside and the collective society as a whole.

The Multicultural Student Services Office is located in TOC (Top of the Quad Center) above the bookstore. The office serves minority students as they adjust to life in New Concord and helps make their transition to Muskingum University a smooth process.


There are a number of groups that derive from or are supported by the Multicultural Student Services Office. These include:

  • The BSU (Black Student Union)
  • Black Ice Step Team
  • Multicultural Mentors

BSU (Black Student Union)

The Black Student Union serves as an advocate of the African-American and entire underrepresented voice on campus and wishes to expose all students, faculty, and staff of Muskingum University to new ideas and experiences to create positive change.

Black Ice Step Team

The Black Ice Step Team enjoys perfecting the art of stepping for various campus talent shows, basketball games and workshops.

Multicultural Mentors

The Multicultural Mentors program is a peer-matching program that allows first-year and transfer minority students to connect with their upperclass peers.


Dr. Valerie Smith (

Valerie is the Director for International/Multicultural Student Services and Special Programs. She advises MAS:BSU and the Black Ice Step Team. She is an Alumni of Muskingum University and has been employed by the university since 2003. Her office is located in the Quad Center, TOC 216.


All students are encouraged to utilize resources that are provided by other areas or departments on campus. These may include:

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