Division of Student Affairs

Division of Student Affairs Staff

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Susan Waryck

Dean of Students
Office Phone: (740) 826-8086
Email: shoglund@muskingum.edu

Stacey Allan

Director of Student Involvement and Leadership
Office Phone: (740) 826-8096
Email: sallan@muskingum.edu

Tracy Bugglin

Director of Counseling Services
Office Phone: (740) 826-8142
Email: tbugglin@muskingum.edu

Susan Fracker

Director of Wellness Center
Office Phone: (740) 826-8150
Email: sfracker@muskingum.edu

Kerry Guerard

Assistant Dean of Students
Office Phone: (740) 826-8087
Email: kguerard@muskingum.edu

Tyler Hendzel

Area Coordinator, Kelley, Patton and Finney Halls, and Lakeside Houses
Office Phone: (740) 826-8097
Email: thendzel@muskingum.edu

Alison Adams

Director of Residence Life
Office Phone: (740) 826-8099
Email: alisona@muskingum.edu

Barb Shank

Administrative Assistant for Student Life Office
Office Phone: (740) 826-8080
Email: bshank@muskingum.edu

Leah Shirer

Office Phone: (740) 826-8091
Email: lcook@muskingum.edu

Deven Siesel

Director of Recreation and Student Activities
Office: (740) 826-8081
Email: dsiesel@muskingum.edu

Doug Smith

Bowling Coach
Office Phone: (740) 826-8264
Email: dougs@muskingum.edu

Katie Clark

Area Coordinator, Memorial Hall, Moore Hall, Thomas Hall, & Townhouses
Office Phone: (740) 826-8098
Email: mmsmith@muskingum.edu

Valerie Smith

Director of International and Multicultural Student Services 
Office Phone: (740) 826-8094
Email: vsmith@muskingum.edu

Julia Sprague

Chaplain for Student Affairs
Office Phone: (740) 826-6159
Email: julias@muskingum.edu

Jodie Swendryck

Director of Campus Services
Office: (740) 826-8174
Email: aramark@muskingum.edu

Jackie Vascura

Director of Career Services
Office Phone: (740) 826-8085
Email: jkent@muskingum.edu

Sarah Young-Dickson

Office Phone: (740) 826-8150
Email: sdickson@muskingum.edu

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