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Muskingum University is dedicated to the proposition that both individuals and societies benefit from a disposition towards, and the practice of, life-long learning.

The university actively seeks-out, promotes, and develops and implements programs and opportunities that will benefit faculty at all levels of their careers, that will enhance their teaching, research and professional abilities, and will keep the university's classrooms current and invigorated, and its students engaged.

Faculty Development Resources/Opportunities

Internal Faculty Development Opportunities
Faculty Development Grants

  • 2017-2018 Memo/Information
  • Deadline: February 28, 2017
  • Submit electronically to Marcia Gray
  • Subject line: Faculty Development Grant
  • Faculty Development Grant Activity (Final) Report Template
  • Faculty Development Workshops

Muskie Fellows Information.

  • Memo
  • Nomination Deadline (Traditional track): The Monday following Spring Break
  • MCBI Track: TBA

General Web Resources

  • Thought-provoking 2014 article from Inside Higher Ed on e-portfolios

  • "Class-Sourcing" as a Teaching Strategy

  • "Best Teaching Practices," a well-researched resource guide (with extensive reference notes) from the City University of New York

  • "Why Don't Students Like School?"

  • - Excerpt in American Educator (Spring, 2009) from the interesting book of the same name by Daniel Willingham, a cognitive scientist at the University of Virginia

  • "It's the Little Things that Count in Teaching: Attention to the less 'serious' aspects can make you a more effective instructor." Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2013

  • Strategies for Creating/Maintaining a Positive Classroom Environment

    • Tips from University of Delaware Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning

  • "Positive Classroom Motivational Environments: Convergence Between Mastery Goal Structure and Classroom Social Climate

  • "Shaping Courses and Activities through an Understanding of the Cognitive, Moral and Emotional Development of Students."

    • - Michigan State University webpage of Resources.

  • "College Student Development: The Journey from Freshman to Graduation." (University of Central Florida)

    • - Information on typical struggles by year, and related issues such as international student culture shock and adaptation, plus suggestions on how to help affected students.

  • Advice on Syllabi, the Communication of Expectations, and Reducing Grading Controversies

Upcoming External Seminars/Programs
Websites Listing Conferences, Seminars and Other Opportunities:

Annual Teaching Professor Conference

These annual three-day conferences offer hands-on workshops, plenary sessions with insightful keynote presenters, dozens of concurrent sessions, and emerging-research poster presentations. Past participants from Muskingum University have found the conferences to be not only exciting and inspiring, but also productive and very useful in equipping them with new ideas and strategies for enhanced success and skills in the classroom.

Each year, the Teaching Professor Conference features sessions around these seven topical areas:

  • Instructional Design
  • Activities that Engage Students
  • Teaching Specific Types of Students
  • Instructional Vitality: Ways to Keep Teaching Fresh and Invigorated
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Creating Climates for Learning
  • Faculty DevelopmentFor complete information about the Teaching Professor Conference - including how to propose a session - click here.

CIC Workshops and Symposia:
Muskingum University "Enhancing International Learning Grants."

Muskingum University Summer Muskie Fellow Grants

  • Summer Muskie Fellow ProposalĀ Memo/Information
  • 2017 Deadline for Proposals: March 13, 2017 (Traditional Track)

Two Participation Tracks:

  • Faculty-Student Research (Traditional Track)
  • Muskingum County Business IncubatorĀ (MCBI)
  • MCBI Website


Full Review, Tenure, and Promotion

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