Campus Safety

Mission Statement

To provide Muskingum University with a safe and secure educational environment through a professional law enforcement department dedicated to deterring crime, educating and ensuring personal safety, and emergency management planning by formulating a partnership with the entire university community.


The vision of the Muskingum University Police Department is to become a model of professionalism for others to follow in law enforcement.

Core Values


Our goal is to provide professional, effective, and quality police services for the university community.


The respect of the university community should be earned by being professional and having considerable and courteous regard for all persons on campus.


All officers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is fair, ethical, self-disciplined and morally sound, exhibiting a high standard of dignity, courtesy, respect, duty and honor.


Dedicated to providing the university community with a safe educational environment for all by having a sense of urgency beyond expectation.


Strive for personal and professional excellence, dedication to duty, and service to the public in general.

By following the values of PRIDE, we strive to serve and protect the university and surrounding community in the best way possible.

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