About Physics

The physics curriculum begins by exposing students to a spectrum of topics ranging from Newton’s laws of motion to the foundations of quantum mechanics and ends by refining these topics conceptually and mathematically.  Since physicists eventually become preferentially oriented towards experimental, computational, or theoretical endeavors, the curriculum is designed to give students an opportunity to explore each of these orientations.  The major in physics is designed to meet the needs of students that intend on teaching physics, continuing their study of physics in graduate school, or pursuing a physics-related career.

The department offers majors in physics, physics education and engineering science.  The department strives to offer on-site research and design experiences for students, expose students to the “real world” through guest speakers and field trips, assist students with securing summer research positions and internships, and assist students with their educational and career goals.

Program Educational Objectives
Graduates of the Engineering Science, Physics, and Physics Education programs offered by the Department of Physics & Engineering at Muskingum University will

  1. Engage in life-long learning.
  2. Be effective communicators.
  3. Be effective team members and leaders.
  4. Apply their education to diverse fields.
  5. Be successful professionals.
  6. Be socially engaged citizens.

Course Schedule
Projected course offerings for each semester are posted on the Course Descriptions page.

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