Music Part-Time Facutly

In serving a broad range of musical interests, the following individuals bring a wealth of musical experience and expertise to share with our students through teaching and individual lessons:

Faculty (part-time)

  • Seth Alexander (Percussion)
  • James Bock (Tuba)
  • Diane Box (Music Education)
  • Greg Brown (Aural Skills)
  • Angela Cornett (Bassoon)
  • Caroline Heading (Accompanist)
  • Dixie Lee Hayes Heck (Organ/Accompanist)
  • Angela Heck-Mueller (Flute)
  • Albert Houde (Horn)
  • Sheila Jones (Strings)
  • Mary Schlacks (Clarinet)
  • Ben Stingo (Trombone)
  • Michael Torres (Saxophone/Composition)
  • Brad Walsh (Oboe)
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