International Business

Muskingum's international business program will immerse you in a diverse set of disciplines to prepare you for success in today’s global economy. Our International Business major combines the language and basic principles of business, accounting, and economics with multicultural awareness, communication skills in a world language (English for non-native speakers), and coursework in political science, history, and other areas, providing you with the core competencies and an international perspective.


  • Exposure to a wide range of subjects with the opportunity to gain expertise in core business areas        
  • Study abroad for one or two semesters through our exchange program, which has formal agreements with 16 universities in 12 countries  
  • Networking opportunities at global business events
  • Independent research with a professor, the Summer Fellows program, and employment opportunities as a student assistant with a professor


Muskingum International Business students have gone on to study at the London School of Economics, University of Virginia, and Case Western Reserve University.

Our graduates can be found in careers at Magnetic Specialty in Marietta, working with Hispanic customers, McDonald's in Marketing/Public Relations, the USDA in Agricultural Research Service, and Procter & Gamble.

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