Christian Education

Christian Education

We prepare you to follow your vocational passion whether serving in a local church, mentoring youth at a summer camp, or teaching in either a private or public school. What you learn from us will enhance your role as a professional educator in any setting.

Additionally, education and psychology courses will prepare you to teach religious topics in church-related settings to learners of all ages.


  • Strikes a rewarding balance between the theoretical and the practical for teaching and learning within a context of faith.
  • We teach you to embrace the rich and diverse expressions of Christian practice and thought.
  • We encourage you to engage with everyday problems and challenges facing Christians today.
  • Our focus on service to the church and others in a rigorous academic course offering launches you as a holistic learner ready for 21st century issues.
  • You will design your own final senior project, tailored to your own interests and guided by close faculty input.


  • Well prepared for graduate studies in education and Christian ministry
  • A solid first step toward professional Christian ministry
  • Grounded in transformative experiences while serving in churches, camps, hospitals or schools
  • A good foundation for non-religious careers such as business, teaching, counseling or even medicine and law.


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