Digital Media Design at Muskingum



UPDATE:  The first class of Digital Media Design majors will begin their studies in Fall 2007.  New faculty member Tom German will teach Art 170 (Graphic Design I), DMD 210-2 (Media History and Effects), and DMD 300 (Visual Communication).


Program Concept

The new major in Digital Media Design is rooted in the concept of digital media convergence, a contemporary development that is reshaping the potentialities of design.  Students learn a variety of approaches to a variety of design challenges, as they pursue and develop strategies in innovative problem solving.  Students with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Design will have a wide range of career options, including multi-media design, interactive design, webpage design, video and audio production, display design, marketing and advertising, as well as many other possibilities.  Digital Media Design prepares the student to bring together the visual and auditory arts through the various media of communication.

Interdisciplinary Content

The program consists of 48 credit hours divided into three components:  The Core, Essential Design Skills, and Advanced Application Skills.  The courses included in these areas come from seven disciplines: Art, Business, Speech Communication, Music, English, Sociology, and Theatre. 


Meet Tom German

Tom German is in the final stage of completing his Ph.D. at The Ohio State University School of Communication.  A graduate of Muskingum College, Tom has 10 years of professional experience as a commercial and non-commercial television producer and director, including working at CNN as an associate producer/graphics operator.