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Fall Spring
PHEN 300 Material Science PHEN 100 Physics for Video Games
PHEN 110 Intro to Physics & Engineering PHEN 320 Thermodynamics
PHEN 101 Conceptual Physics PHEN 121 Classical Physics I
PHEN 410 Measurements PHEN 340 Theoretical Physics I
PHEN 490 Intro to Senior Project PHEN 495 Senior Project


JavaScript Physics I'm developing physics simulations for the web using Typescript (a superset of Javascript). During the process, I'll create some physics-based objects that may be of interest in your own coding projects. The source code and documentation for these objects and examples of their usage are also provided.

Contact Information:

Dr. Richard Taylor
Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physics & Engineering
123 Boyd Science Center
Muskingum University
163 Stormont Street
New Concord, OH 43762
(740) 826-8274
FAX (740) 826-8229

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