This site is devoted to the history of psychology and Muskingum College. It is continually updated as biographies are completed and new resourses are found and developed. Linked to this page are historical reviews of important figures in the history of psychology, Muskingum College and its psychology program, and relevant links to off-campus sites which have been compiled by our students and staff.

    Muskingum College's Psychology Program
    Class of 1870: William Rainey Harper, Educator
    Class of 1878: William Oxley Thompson, Educator
    Class of 1923: Agnes Moorehead, Actress
    Class of 1943: John H. Glenn, Jr., Astronaut & Senator
    Class of 1969: Jack Hanna, Conservationist

  • Alfred Adler   Albert Bandura Frank Beach  
    Alfred Binet     Peirre-Paul Broca Sir Cyril Burt
    David Buss James McKeen Cattell Noam Chomsky   Charles Darwin
    Richard Dawkins John Dewey Dorothea Lynde Dix   Eric Erickson
    Dian Fossey Roger Fouts   Sigmund Freud Birute Galdikas
    Francis Galton   Jane Goodall Florence Goodenough Edwin Guthrie
    G. Stanley Hall William Hamilton Harry Harlow Ekhard Hess Karen Horney
    David Hothersall Clark Hull Carl Jung    
    Bibb Latané Louis Leakey Kurt Lewin Jaques Loeb Elizabeth Loftus
    Konrad Lorenz   Gregor Mendel Stanley Milgram Hugo Munsterberg
    Jaak Panksepp Ivan Pavlov Jean Piaget David Riccio Carl Rogers
    George Romanes Muzafer Sherif B. F. Skinner Elliot Stellar John Maynard Smith
    Edward Thorndike Nikolaas Tinbergen Edward Tolman Robert Trivers Lev Vygotsky
    John B. Watson   V. C. Wynne-Edwards    

    A&E BIOGRAPHY... the official site of the popular TV series with more than 20,000 biographies.
    American Memory... extensive image collection of the Library of Congress.
    American Women... categorical links to biographies of noteworthy women compiled by Ken Middleton.
    American Women... categorical links to biographies of noteworthy women compiled by Dr. Phillips.
    American Women... categorical links to biographies of noteworthy women compiled by Linda M. Woolf.
    Archives of the History of American Psychology ...APA Archives (U. of Akron) founded by John Popplestone.
    From DesCartes to James ...a solid, well illustrated history.
    Gale Literary Database...offers biographical data on 90,000 contemporary authors.
    Historical Biographies ... the University of Dayton's site that includes links to many others sites.
    Historical Biographies...St. Louis University offers biographical information on key historical figures.
    Historical Images ...a collection on the history of medicine compiled by The National Library Of Medicine.
    History of Cognitive Psychology ...compiled by Muskingum's Cognitive Processes Class (1997).
    History of Education Site ...a collection of Web resources about the history of education and childhood.
    Internet History Resources...compiled by Christopher D. Green.
    Social Psychology Network...links to relevant social psychology pages including timelines, online archives, biographical pages, and more. A well organized collection of historical resources.

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