CPA logo I have been a certified public accountant since 1990. I have been employed as with Muskingum University (formerly College) since 1996 with the current title of Asst Vice President for Business & Finance and Controller. My work has spanned several different industries, although I currently specialize in not-for-profit organizations and individual income tax preparation. I have also developed and present on personal finance issues to college students and others.

My goal has been to help people and organizations make informed decisions about their future. For organizations, I find that this is best accomplished when its systems operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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A lot of people have different thoughts on what a CPA is. I liked this graphic released from the AICPA:

CPA poster


Recent Updates

[01/01/16] Promoted to Vice President of Business & Finance at Muskingum University. Very excited to be part of Muskingum's future!

[07/27/15] Posted a comment letter to the FASB on the proposed accounting for not for profits.

[08/01/14] Reading the signs

[01/26/14] How to read a Form 1098T

[12/14/12] Being smart online article posted on CheapScholar.org

[11/17/12] Being smart about money also means being smart online.

[4/28/12] Article on claiming tax exemptions for students. Also at cheapscholar.org

[3/20/11] Article on the confusing ways to claim a benefit for education expenses. Also at cheapscholar.org

[2/27/11] After traveling and renting a car, I reflected on the 'services' offered by the rental car company and why they are a bad deal. Article

[2/27/11] Article on avoiding a tax bill - next year.

[6/1/10] New article on talking to your kids about money. Also published at cheapscholar.org

[3/10/10] Wrote an article on new credit card rules and whether a parent should help their student get a credit card. Also published at cheapscholar.org

[2/24/10] Published an article on 529 savings plans for college at a website called cheapscholar.org. Link on Presentations page as well.

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