Passau Summer Program
Last update June 2002

Muskingum College

Department of Modern Languages


   GER 325 Topics in Contemporary German Society
3 credits, taught in English

Prof. Wehage
BSC 227
Ph: 740-826-8301
Fax: 740-826-8229

Text: You can order this book at
Greg Nees: Germany. Unraveling an Enigma. ISBN 1-877864-75-7. Intercultural Press, 2000.

Internet: These web sites complement the class.
Facts about Germany. Provided by Press and Information Office of the Federal Government of Germany

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History of Germany

Quick Facts about Germany

Federal Statistical Office

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Course Description:
The course involves the study of Germany history, the social system, economic system, arts, the political and educational system. These and other relevant topics will introduce the student to modern Germany. Likewise,  activities to museums, churches, and historical sites through southern Germany and Austria enhance this study abroad experience

Students select a topic from the textbook for an in class presentation. The presenter will be in charge of  monitoring a  discussion. Students have to hand in a typed version of their presentation after the trip. For your bibliographical resources, you are required to list several references from the INTERNET. Professor Wehage's home page lists lots of entries. Use of these resources will be considered in the grading of the paper. You can consult this site:

The class is primarily a discussion group with the teacher being the discussion leader. All students are expected to have read and analyzed the subject to be covered in class. Videos will be shown in class to complement the materials.

Also, while in Europe, students are expected to keep a journal which reflects their impressions.  The journal entries should cover these cities: Vienna, Passau, Munich, Salzburg, Nuremberg, Regensburg,  and castle Neuschwanstein. A summary of the  journal is due at the end of the program which will allow the program participant to dwell on the experience abroad and reflect about their personal enrichment.

The journal is to be typed like a regular paper, spell checked and should also read coherently.  The journal does not require a personal note pertaining to group members. I am more interested in your reflections about the places we are going to visit. For this purpose, you should consult the INTERNET to give your journal more substance. You may want to mention historical and cultural aspects. In the past, these journal entries amounted to 12-15 typed pages, some with a very serious agenda, others full of humor.

The journal will be considered a reflection of your impression of Germany and should to a certain degree emphasize or examine cultural differences between German speaking countries and the US. 

Presentation: 20%
Journal: 30
Paper: 50%