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 June 26, 2007

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Seminar: "The New Spanish Cinema" July 21 - August 1, 1997 Carl J. Mora, Seminar Director:

JUAN ANTONIO BARDEM was a guest speaker at the seminar where he screened and discussed his two landmark films, Muerte de un ciclista (1955) and Calle Mayor (1956). Bardem is one of the major figures in Spanish cinema and was one of the most prominent dissident voices during the Franco dictatorship.

OSEP MARÍA FORN is a leading Catalan filmmaker. In 1961 he made La piel quemada which dealt with Andalusians seeking work in the booming Barcelona economy and adjusting to a very different and often antagonistic culture. At the seminar, Forn presented and discussed his film, Companys, procés a Catalunya (1979) which documents the persecution and execution of the last president of the Catalonian government after the Civil War.

ROSA VERGÉS is an innovative Barcelona filmmaker who burst upon the European cinematic scene in 1990 with a well-received romantic comedy, Boom Boom. Her second full-length feature, Souvenir (1994) is anothercomedy about a Japanese tourist who suffers amnesia in Barcelona after an accident. She screened and discussed both films at the seminar. In 1997, Vergés completed Tic Tac, a children's film made for Televisió de Catalunya which according to one critic has "musical numbers reminiscent of Busby Berkeley." 

Spanish Cinema: Comprehensive page (142 pages)

Spanish (Hispanic) Cinema at Kent State University, Canterbury, England
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Spanish Film from the 1990s:
Tacones lejanos Almodóvar (1991)
El sol del membrillo Erice (1993)
La madre muerta Bajo Ulloa (1993)
Tierra Medem (1995)
Solas Zambrano (1999)
Flores de otro mundo Bollaín (1999)
Los otros Amenábar (2001)
Te doy mis ojos Bollaín (2003) 

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