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French Resource Page
Last Update Aug. 21, 2007

AATF Teaching with Internet web siteAATF National Commission on Cultural Competence has produced a model defining general standards for cultural competence and applying those standards to the many French-speaking areas of the world. FranceWorld service is supported by the Ministère de Affaires Etrangères and the Ministère de l'Education Nationale to encourage pen pal exchanges.

TenneseeBob Peckham at the University of Tennessee at Martin has developed the archetypical FL WWW collection for French called: Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links!
Bob's Globe-Gate French careers links site is a rich collection of resources for developing lessons in French for a wide range of curricular areas. It can be found at UTM on the main server and on a mirror.
Bob Peckham's Globe-Gate site includes:
- Leximagne - l'Empereur des pages dico a collection of links to hundreds of on-line French dictionaries.
- French Radio and TV Resources will help you find French audio and video on the net and integrate it in classes.
- Francophone Business News is useful if you are adding a business or commercial component to your French class.
- Explications de Texte for online references for French literature analysis.
- 19th-Century French Literature (A Globe-Gate Research Library)
These are just a few of the Globe-Gate resources. There are quite a few other highly useful Globe-Gate pages.
David A. Gatwood's collection is organized from links by Bob Peckham (TennesseeBob): Dave's French Links.
Sitographie pour professeurs de français et de disciplines enseignées en français vient de l'université Simon Fraser.
The online Dictionnaire Universel Francophone by Hachette not only gives definitions, but ALL words are hyperlinked.
Le site Grammaire Française - BEPP from the Centre hypermédia des ressources didactiques de l'Université Laval
NetMusik, liens musicaux de l'espace francophone, is an excellent source for the lyrics of popular songs in French.
Les Trois Suisses & La Redoute are major online department store catalogs.
JSee the French Baccalaureat : corrigés du bac for a wide variety of areas.
Préparer le bon itinéraire will help you plan an automobile trip in France.
CodeExpert is an online French written test for a driver's license.
Le français en affaires au Québec et en Amérique du Nord - a business French site by Université McGill, Chambre de commerce du Québec, and Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.
The Moo français is a virtual francophone community. This site is moving.
 Nomade: à la recherche du net francophone. Francophone WWW sites grouped by categories.
Creating French Culture - Library of Congress exhibit: Treasures from the Bibliothèque nationale de France contains an extensive collection of images.
Page d'accueil officielle du gouvernement du Québec.
Bibliothèque nationale du Canada.
RESCOL, Réseaux d'éducation provinciaux, is a Canadian service that provides access to resources in a broad range of disciplines for education in French.
HAPAX: French Resources on the Web features links to French-related resources on the Web of interest to university-level teachers and student.
The French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères has an excellent WWW page including information on geography, society, history, food, education, europe, economy, etc.
For a connection to French culture try Le Ministère de la culture.
France Pratique is a very rich source of practical information about contemporary France. Culture, education, travel, law, family, social security, housing, work, etc.
MediaPort offers access to media in French including Le Monde Diplomatique which presents an excellent collection of on-line articles arranged thematically.
Agence France Presse has daily international news summaries in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and English.
Sympatico: Info Express is an online French language  from and Internet service in Canada.
AdmiNet : the French connection was developed by Christian Scherer of the French Ministry of Industry and by the Ecole des Mines de Paris. Its purpose is to provide free access to public information.
Marie Ponterio's Civilisation française online teaching modules include original images, audio cues, and digital videos for lessons on a wide range of topics: cuisine, culture, social change, school, economy, Europe, holidays, family life, housing, history, religion, social security, symbols, transportation, vacation. A "voyage virtuel" uses an interactive map of France to provide information, images, and links for cities and regions throughout France.
Janice Paulsen's Quartier français du village planétaire is so well organized that it is one of the most useful sites around.  For example, take a look at the Musées et Expositions Virtuelles.
Michael Lastinger's les Saucissons chauds links to a great variety of pages of interest to students of French civilization.
The current schedule for TV5, the international Francophone television channel in Canada, is available on-line.
Radio France Internationale provides audio of news updates every 3 hours on France Info Express in addition to other RFI radio services (chroniques & magasines) using RealAudio.
FranceLink - La Radio du 21ème Siècle! is a WWW site in the US that retransmits online radio for RFI, France Culture, Europe 1, RTL, and others.
French TV - TF 1 - France 2 - France 3 - Canal + - ARTE  - M6
Radio-Canada provides radio and television using RealMedia..
Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou presents the museum.
Meteo France provides information about weather in French.
Le WebMuseum formerly the WebLouvre by Nicolas Pioch is now located at many sites around the world. You can find other sites in the US, Australia, Japan, and now even in France! Choose the one nearest to you.
Paris Interactive is a multimedia tour of the City of Lights.
Le Louvre includes opening times and a floor plan in addition to photos of the art.
Le Coin des Francophones et autres Grenouilles managed by Andrée Grandjean-Levy (
Premiers pas sur Internet These "first steps on the Internet" are just right for kids.
Centre Culturel Virtuel gateway to information about France and Francophonie from the University of Illinois.
The Combe d'Arc prehistoric cave paintings, discovered in December 1994 in the Ardèche region of France, were put on-line on January 24, 1995 by the French Ministry of Culture! The Web page displays photographs taken in the caves and includes a text describing the site.
Eric Ranguin's Histoire : Le Cyber-Guide des sites historiques is an excellent historical site including sections on PREHISTOIRE ET ANTIQUITE - MOYEN AGE ET RENAISSANCE - XVIIe, XVIIIe et XIXe - XXe - METHODOLOGIE - NOUVELLE FRANCE, CANADA, ACADIE ET QUEBEC.
The BANQUE DE DONNÉES SOCIO-POLITIQUES provides access to detailed statistical information that could be of interest to French civilization classes.
La Page de l'Hexagone prepared by Andrée Grandjean-Levy at Cornell University has many links to French resources for teachers and students.
Alliance française Dedicated to promoting French throughout the world.
Conseil international de la langue française  French organization dedicated to making French resources accessible and facilitating communication between Francophones and speakers of other languages.
Délégation générale à la langue française Promotes the use of French around the world. French or English.
French Consulates in US  List of French consulates in the US
Office de la langue française  Quebec's organization for promoting the use of French throughout the province. French or English.
Réseau international de néologie et de terminologie  An intergovernmental organization dedicated to maintaining consistency in French terminology around the world. French only.
French WWW Servers
Le MédiaPort
Radio France International
The French Connection: Unbelievably comprehensive!!
French History & Civilization, experimental service/work in progress (Michelle Caroly-Alter)
If you are traveling to Paris, you should check out this site!
ARTFL is a cooperative project of the Institut National de la Langue Française (INaLF) of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the Divisions of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Chicago