The German House is located at 151 Lakeside Drive. It houses eight students.  One single first floor, 1 single upstairs and 3 doubles are available. The German House provides a residential environment of German language and culture at Muskingum. Students accepted for residence in the German House enroll in at least one German course per semester in 2014-2015 and uphold the goals of the house. Residents of the German House (optional) can register for a one credit hour course covering a cultural project that echoes the cultural immersion in the German House. The project might be a paper, a talk or a PowerPoint presentation. This one credit hour class will be a directed studies: students must have completed 60 hours and carry a 2.5 minimum average.
House residents are expected to support House programming, participate in the German Tutoring Program, and interact with other house residents in German at designated times. 

Name____________________________ Circle either:  So, Jr

Study Abroad:____________________________________________________

What German course(s) are you planning to take in 2014/15?________________________

Declared major (s) and minor (s):______________________________________________

Please circle your involvement in the following activities and add others:

a. Phi Sigma Iota

b. German House activities  c. Leadership in campus activities

Which German-related activities would you propose for 2014-2015?

Do you have any objections to living in a co-ed house?__________

If you are a current German House resident, you must re-apply to be considered.

Please write a brief paragraph in which you describe how living in the German House can further your academic and personal goals. How will others benefit from your presence in the German House?

If you are interested in the position of House Manager, please indicate reasons in your essay.