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The German Club at Muskingum University "Die Union der Deutscher Eiferer" (Union of the German Enthusiasts) was created in the fall of 1997. The purpose of the club pertains to the promotion of an awareness of the cultures of German speaking countries, international and cultural awareness in general, and the fostering of the study of German at Muskingum College.

Membership is open to all eligible students enrolled at Muskingum regardless of race, color, sex, age, origin, or handicap.

The German Club typically consists of all students who study German and those who have expressed an interest in the club. Club activities always involve the entire campus. Special receptions are held in the fall and spring for the international students on our campus.

The German Club and the German House residents set up the events calendar for the year to insure cooperation of all events: the Open House, German-American Awareness Day, a trip to Columbus (Museum of Modern Art, German Village), German film evenings, involvement in Home Coming, Christmas celebration, fund raisers, "Eiskaffee"-evening, Parents' Day Activities, and tutoring of beginning and intermediate students.

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