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My personal study abroad experience in Passau was overwhelmingly positive. In the Spring/Summer 2010 I attended Passau University for their summer semester.

I am recent graduate of Muskingum University class of 2010. I spent my time abroad in Deggendorf, Germany from March to August of 2009. I studied at the University of Applied Sciences or Hochschule Deggendorf for the summer semester. See Jenna's full statement

Jennica M. ('06) Passau University 2004-2005. Like many other students, when I first came to Muskingum I was simply interested in completing a four-year degree. After taking my first German language course I realized that I couldn't give up the language and that I had to somehow further incorporate German into my studies.  Since that point of uncertainty I have declared majors in International Affairs and German, and spent my junior year studying abroad in Passau, Germany. When people say the time they spent studying abroad was the most fulfilling experience they've ever had, it's not a lie.  I can honestly say that I loved every minute of living in Germany and experiencing a culture different than my own.  I met so many amazing people and experienced more than what can be described in words.  My language skills also improved immensely, and now I find that I have little trouble understanding German.  Anyone interested in pursuing studies in German should definitely take advantage of the opportunities offered at Muskingum.

Ryan B.---His Testimonial Winter 2004 Passau University 2004-2005

My cool Year in Germany 2003-2004 Nandin G. ('05) Deggendorf University: After spending a year in Germany, I not only improved my German, but also got a chance to experience something completely new and different. My most memorable experience while studying abroad was traveling. I used school breaks to travel to cities such as Munich, Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Dresden, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna, Salzburg, and a couple of cities in the Czech Republic. Living in a different country allowed me to become friends with many interesting people, to learn how to behave in a different environment and to see things from different perspectives. Not only can you learn the language and experience fun stuff, but at the same time you can take courses that count toward your Muskingum degree. Last but not least, I can't leave out the cool parties and night life of Deggendorf. I would definitely recommend study abroad  to every student. It will probably be the most fun and  the coolest thing you have done yet.