German 360
Topics of German Language and Culture (1-3 credits)
Dr. Franz-Joseph Wehage

Previously taught as a literature course
Dürrenmatt, Friedrich. Die Physiker, Der Richter und sein Henker
Bichsel, Peter. San Salvador
Frisch, Max. Cafe de la Terasse
Bachmann. Ingeborg. Jugend in einer Österreichischen Stadt
Aichinger, Ilse. Das Plakat
Rilke, Rainer Maria. Die Turnstunde
Hofmannsthal, Hugo von. Das Erlebnis des Marschalls von Bassompierre
Werfel, Franz. Jakobowski und der Oberst 
Jakobowski und der Oberst based on Franz Werfel’s play (Austrian playwright)
Der Richter und sein Henker based on Durrenmatt’s novella (Swiss Author) 

Course objectives:
*You will gain a general perspective of prose narrative of the 19th and 20th century works of well known Austrian, and Swiss writers
*You will develop your analytical skills through close readings of the texts, participation in class discussion, keeping a reader’s journal, and the formulation and completion of a short paper and oral presentation.

Course description:
This course is for students who have completed a three hundred level German class. Each reading selection is discussed and its meaning interpreted. Students are required to submit three short papers during the semester which discuss any story in detail. I will help as needed with mechanics of the paper. 

You will be able to narrate and elaborate in some detail, communicate facts and talk casually about your interest in literature using general vocabulary.
You will be able to understand main ideas and details of connected discourse.
Ability to read longer prose which is conceptually abstract and linguistically complex
Students can write cohesive summaries and narratives. They have sufficient writing vacabulary.
They can write about the concrete aspects of topics relating to particular interests and special fields of competence 

Electronic Journal
You will keep a journal in which you write impressions of each work of short fiction on the syllabus. During the semester several assignments will be posted to which you have to reply. Also, you will read the response of two other students and reply to their response [in German].

Student responsibilities: You are expected to attend classes regularly and complete readings as assigned.. Make-up work is accepted only in the cases of absence excused due to illness or emergency or due to previously-planned, college sanctioned activities for which you have given one week’s advance notice. Attendance is necessary and required. 3 or more unexcused absences will result in a participation grade of  zero. Absences due to previously-scheduled, sanctioned college activities must be cleared with me in advance or they will count as unexcused absences.

Your final grade will be computed as follows:
 Cultural Event____________________10%
 Short paper______________________35%
 Final exam_______________________25% 

Internet Quellen:
Ingeborg Bachmann
Ingeborg Bachmann
Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Max Frisch
Jeremias Gotthelf
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Elfriede Jelinek
Franz Kafka
Gottfried Keller
Robert Musil
Arthur Schnitzler
Adalbert Stifter 
Germanistik im Internet an der Uni Erlangen
[Projekt Gutenberg, Sammlung elektronischer Texte einschließlich Parodien, Satiren, Fabeln, Sagen und Märchen; Volkslieder und Vertonungen; wissenschaftliche Publikationen online; Verzeichnisse online lesbarer bzw. kopierbarer Texte; Hypertext-Verzeichnisse.]