German American Awareness Day Quiz. Bring the results to the German House, 151 Lakeside Drive. There will be prizes.

1) What was the name of the boat on which the founders of Germantown, Pa arrived?

(A.) St. Liberty
(B.) Seenkönig
(C.) Concord
(D.) Erlösungsgefäß

2) In what year was the first article in German published which advocated emigration to the North America?

(A.) 1661
(B.) 1633
(C.) 1701
(D.) 1616

3) Which traditional Christmas item did Hessian soldiers introduce to America?

(A.) Mistletoe
(B.) Christmas Tree
(C.) Stockings
(D.) Story of Santa Claus

4) True or False, the first Bible printed in North America was in German.

5) In which American city did the famous hamburger first appear?

(A.) St. Louis
(B.) Philadelphia
(C.) Chicago
(D.) New York City

6) How many German-American breweries were there in Cincinnati in 1880?

(A.) 20
(B.) 34
(C.) 17
(D.) 25

7) In 1823 the first all-German singing society was founded in which city?

(A.) Cincinnati
(B.) Boston
(C.) Cleveland
(D.) Baltimore

8) The original name of Hollywood, founded by Adolf Pfannenschmidt, was_______________.

9) Who was the German separatist who helped found the city of Zoar, Ohio?

(A.) Joseph Baumeler
(B.) Johann Lederer
(C.) William Bauk
(D.) Georg Hack

10) Who was the first U.S. president of direct German descent?

(A.) Harry Truman
(B.) Dwight Eisenhower
(C.) Herbert Hoover
(D.) Martin Fitzgerald

11) On October sixth of what year did the first German settlers arrive in America?

12) How much did travel fare, also known as Steerage Passage, cost in 1837 for America-bound Germans coming from Bremen (in U.S. dollars)?

13) In 1772 the Moravians founded what Ohio mission?
(A.) Götter Hoffen
(B.) Christuskindwaisenhaus
(C.) Schoenbrunn
(D.) Eichenfluß

14) Which German-American wrote the first training manual for the U.S. Army?

(A.) General Nicholas Herkimer
(B.) General von Stueben
(C.) Major F. von Heer
(D.) Prince Rupecht

15) In 1807 German-American Martin Baum, a riverboat pioneer of Ohio, became the mayor of which Ohio city?

(A.) Toledo
(B.) Cleveland
(C.) Cincinnati
(D.) Marietta

16) In which year was the Cincinnati Turnverein founded?

(A.) 1901
(B.) 1800
(C.) 1912
(D.) 1848

17) Which German-American founded the first American Kindergarten?

(A.) Ms. Maria Ludwig
(B.) Mrs. Carl Schurz
(C.) Mrs. Barbara Heck
(D.) Ms. Petra Zenger

18) Name one German-American brewer who helped transform Milwaukee into a leading
beer exporter.

19) The name "Smith" is the derivative of what German name?

20) Who was the U.S. president when Germany was reunited on October 3, 1990?

(A.) Ronald Reagan
(B.) William Clinton
(C.) George Bush Sr.
(D.) Jimmy Carter

21) Which Prussian ruler first recognized the United States as an independent country?

(A.) Prince Rupecht
(B.) Grand Duke Ferdinand
(C.) Prince Wilhelm I
(D.) Fredrick Barbarossa

22) Which German-American served as the first elected governor of New York?

(A.) Johann Lederer
(B.) Jacob Leisler
(C.) Carl Schurz
(D.) Honus Wagner

23) Where was the first hymnal in America published?
(A.) Christliches Liederbuch
(B.) Gesangbuch von Unserem Vater
(C.) Lob vom Vater
(D.) Germantauner Zeitung