Muskingum University
Department of Modern Languages
German 251
Dr. Franz-J. Wehage, BSC 227, 826-8301

Texts:  photocopied handouts and usage of the Internet, software, video and cassettes

Placement: This class is designed for students who have taken German at Muskingum for one semester, or equivalent.

Course Goals and Objectives:
This one semester hour course is intended for students who want to stay in touch with the German language and culture. The core of this class comprises pronunciation, vocabulary and conversation. The class may be repeated three times for credit, but it counts no more than twice in the German major/minor

During the semester you will talk about yourself and your interests, prepare a video taped skit, sing German songs, play games, and give informal presentations on topics with which you are familiar. We will meet in a variety of settings other than the classroom , such as Patton Hall and outdoors, to encourage variety of discussions. Most of the time your goal should be to use your German in the same kinds of informal conversations you might have in English with a friend, rather than the more structured communication of a conventional language class.

Course outline:
1. Excerpts from German newspapers and magazines
2. Video materials on German culture
3. Conversational patterns
4. German commercials, news, weather forecast
5. Short oral presentations on assigned topics
6. Group activities
7. Internet activities

Student Responsibilities:
You are expected to attend classes regularly because regular practice is the key to the acquisition of a new language. Since frequent absences will not allow you develop your oral skills, they will negatively impact your grade. Absences due to previously-scheduled, sanctioned college activities must be cleared with me one week in advance or they will count as unexcused absences.  Homework is minimal, but the oral exposes will involve some preparation.

Your final grade will be computed as follows:
Attendance: 30 points
Participation: 30 points
Homework: 10 points
Final Project: 30 points

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Live-Cams", "Web-Cams", "Spy-Cams" - wie auch immer man sie nennen darf, Livebilder von Büros, Landschaften, Gewächshäusern oder Aquarien sind eine beliebte Sache im WWW. Auf dieser Seite erhalten Sie eine kommentierte Übersicht von diesen kleinen "Spionen" in Deutschland. Weiter unten auf der Seite gibt es Verweise auf Kameras in der ganzen Welt und andere interessante Cam-Links.

Stellenangebote im Internet

Aufgabe: Versuchen Sie, möglichst kurz und prägnant, einen Titel für jeden Querverweis zu definieren:
Romean und Julian im Netz
Lehrerseite bei uns
Deutsch üben im Internet
Liederindex - nach Autor
Urlaubsland Ostbayern
Bayrischer Tourismus
Bad Tölz