Hometown in Germany
University of Wurzburg
The University at Albany, NY
Appalachian State University, NC
Randolph Macon Woman's College, VA
Muskingum University, OH

Graduation 2009 
Franz-Joseph Wehage, Ph.D. (The University at Albany, N.Y)
 Professor, Muskingum University since 1991

German literature:
Literature in the Third Reich (in German); Exile Studies (in German); Modern Literature
Medieval literature (in English translation), Nineteenth and Twentieth Century  (in German and in English);

Modern German Cinema (in English)

Morehead Language Lab;
Technology-enhanced language teaching

Business German
 Business German

Study Abroad at Passau, Deggendorf
Study abroad

Supervison of Language Assistant

 German House Supervisor

 Webmaster of the Department of Modern Languages

German Club