This application should be filled out and returned to Dr. Franz-J. Wehage, Department of World Languages, by March 1, 2017. You can also cut and paste it below and it will go to my email account. While there is no intention to discredit anyone, this scholarship applies only to those students who get publically honored on Scholarship Recognition Day.


CLASS:     First-year (German)                                      Second-year (German)

German course in which you are now enrolled:

Please provide answers to the following questions. Also, please provide a typed version:

1) Why you are studying German?

2) Why do you feel you deserve the award? (e.g., good grades, support for or leadership in Muskingum's language program, language-related extra curricular activities).

3) How does German fit into your educational goal or career goal?

I understand that receipt of this award obligates me to enroll in at least one German course at Muskingum University during the academic year 2017-2018.

__________________                        _________________________________