This endowed award, established by friends of the late Muskingum French professor  and baseball coach "Mose" Morehead, is intended to recognize a superior first- or  second year student in French and to encourage him or her to continue language study at Muskingum University during the academic year 2017-2018.

The amount of the stipend depends on endowment earnings. The award is made annually and announced publicly on Scholarship Day, and can be an impressive item on a senior CV. The recipient agrees to continue the study of French for at least one semester following receipt of the award. Payment is made in the fall; the recipient may choose between cash or credit against tuition.

This application should be filled out and returned to Dr. Franz-Joseph Wehage, Chair, Department of World Languages, Muskingum University: 



CLASS:     First-year (French)                                      Second-year (French)

French course in which you are now enrolled:

Please provide answers to the following questions. Also, please provide a typed version:

1) Why you are studying French?

2) Why do you feel you deserve the award? (e.g., good grades, support for or leadership in Muskingum's language program, language-related extracurricular activities).

3) How does French fit into your educational goal or career goal?

I understand that receipt of this award obligates me to enroll in at least one French course at Muskingum University during the academic year 2017-2018.

__________________                        _________________________________