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Book Translation


Primitivism in Modern Art. Book
Fine Arts Publishing House, Jiangsu, China, 349 p. 1993.
Translation from English original to Chinese. w. 6 pages of Hong Yin'’s preface.
Author: Robert Goldwater. 1986.
Publisher: Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.

Movements in Art since 1945. Book
Fine Arts Publishing House, Hunan, China, 222 p. 1989.
Translation from English original to Chinese.
Author: Edward Lucie-Smith. 1984.
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, New York.
Oil Paintings of Hu Yi Chuan. Book
Translation w/ Prof. Yan Sun and Mr. Dajiang Hu. From Chinese to English.
New World Poetry Press, Alhama, CA, USA. 2000.

Translated Journal Articles


Pat Steir: Making Art of Art History. Art Exchange, 1, 1986. (Translation to Chinese. Author: Paul Gardner.)

The Art Creation Is a Way to Increase Creativity. Gansu Education, 7, 1986. (An abridged translation to Chinese from the book, Creative and Mental Growth. Authors: Viktor Lowenfeld & W. Lambert Brittain (1982. 7th Ed.). Publisher: Macmillan, New York.



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