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Conference Presentations

Various research topics, including art, art history, and educational technology, have been addressed in presentations at national and international conferences.

  • Designing Multidimensional Computer Training Classrooms for Educators ­ An Offline+Online Module. National Educational Computing Conference 2002, San Antonio, 2002.
  • Making your Teaching Portfolio a Teaching Tool - A Web-based Approach. National Educational Computing Conference 2000, Atlanta, 2000.

  • Internet-Based Multicultural Instructional Activities. Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education 10th International Conference, San Antonio, 1999.
  • Hypermedia (HyperStudio and the World Wide Web) for ESL Educators. Texas Computer Education Association 16th Annual State Conference, Austin, 1996.
  • Multimedia and Telecomputing in the ESL Classroom. Texas Computer Education Association 15th Annual State Conference, Austin, 1995.
  • Computer for Multicultural Understanding. Texas Computer Education Association Region V Conference, Dallas, 1995.
  • Imagery in Eastern and Western Art. International Association of Imagery Art Research, 1st Conference, Xi'an, 1991.




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