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The Unity of Nature and Humanity - Chinese Mausoleum Stone Sculptures in the Tang Dynasty
By Hong Yin and Yan Sun
Published by Sanqin Publishers, Shaanxi Publishing Group.
This book comes as a result of years of research and writing about the stone mausoleum sculptures of China, especially those of the Tang Dynasty.
Foreword by Professor Shengli Wang, President of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts.

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The Old Silk Road, Contemporary Chinese Painting.
By Yan Sun and Hong Yin
In conjunction with the 2005-2006 international invitation show in Muskingum University, Zanesville Museum of Art, and Tuscarawas Center for the Arts in the United States.

An Exploration into Graphic Design
By Hong Yin
Foreword by Professor Gerard Huber of Texas A&M University.
This 82 p. book features 41 illustrations, including 30 full color original designs by Hong Yin.
Educational Technology Specialist.
By Hong Yin
Foreword by Dr. Sue Espinoza of Texas A&M University.
170p. Includes bibliographical references and index.


A History of Western Art
Proofreading and preparing materials.
655p. By Professor Xu Feng, Shaanxi Art Education Press, Xi’an, China. 1994.


Individuality and Art Style of Artists
Foreword for book, Xu Feng’s Art, Xi’an Art Press, Xi’an, China.
2004 (Coauthor w/ Yan Sun)


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