Biology Department Student Awards

    Hugh Kuhn Award  - to outstanding senior life science major

              In the early 1960's Hugh Kuhn of Hammond, IN, was a member of the Muskingum College Board of Trustees.  He had purchased a Christmas Tree Farm near Lore City, but had no expertise in its management.  He secured the help of William Adams to serve as a consultant.  William Adams taught in the biology dept. from 1944-1977.  Kuhn died unexpectedly, leaving his wife to manage his estate.  Acting on Adam's recommendations, Hedwig Kuhn sold the farm and donated the receipts as a memorial to her husband.  Half of the proceeds were used to buy biology equipment, and half was used to endow the Hugh Kuhn Memorial Award.  This award is made annually to outstanding seniors who have demonstrated scholarship and research ability in the biology department.

    Clement E. Dasch Award - to outstanding sophomore or junior life science major
         Clement Dasch taught in the Biology Department at Muskingum College from 1953-1990.  During his tenure he taught such courses as genetics & evolution, plant systematics, vertebrate natural history, microbiology, ecology and others.  Upon his retirement in 1990, the Biology Department instituted the Clement Dasch award for the outstanding sophomore or junior life science major.  The award is given to that person or persons with exemplary grades…and/or who has excelled in the research area.

Vishnu P. Saksena Beta Beta Beta Award - for outstanding upperclass membership service in BBB

Vishnu Saksena taught in the Biology Department from 1968-2001.  During this time he taught comparative anatomy, human anatomy, aquatic ecology, embryology, and other courses.  He performed research in marine ichthyology and donated a collection of marine invertebrates to the department. Dr. Saksena was a strong advocate for BBB during his time at Muskingum.  Upon his retirement in 2001, the BBB Outstanding membership award was changed to the Vishnu Saksena BBB membership award-- and is presented each year to an outstanding upper class member of BBB based on their contributions to the organization.

David L. Quinn Beta Beta Beta Award - for outstanding first year service in BBB

David Quinn taught in the Biology Department from 1967-2001.  During this time he taught cellular physiology, neuroscience, introduction to cell and molecular biology, physiology of exercise and other courses.  He performed research in neurobiology with a particular interest in the hippocampus region of the brain.  Dr. Quinn was a strong advocate for BBB and often hosted the annual fall picnic.  Upon his retirement in 2001, the Biology Department faculty established a new award in David's name -- which is presented each year to an outstanding first year member of BBB also based on their contributions to the organization.

The Vishnu & Sudha Saksena Award in Conservation Biology - for outstanding initiative, diligence, and accomplishment by an upper level conservation biology student

           The Vishnu and Sudha Saksena Award in Conservation Biology is intended to acknowledge outstanding initiative, diligence, and accomplishment in the area of research and academic scholarship by a conservation biology student in their junior or senior year. Its aim is to acknowledge excellence in scholarship and it will be awarded in years in which a deserving student(s) can be identified by the biology faculty. In any particular year, should there be no suitable candidate majoring in conservation biology, the award may be given to a student majoring in another area of the life sciences.

          Dr. Vishnu P. Saksena completed his B.S. and M.S. at Banaras Hindu University in India and his Ph.D. at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Sudha S. Saksena completed her B.S. and M.S. at Delhi University in India, and her Ph.D. at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Both joined the Muskingum faculty in 1968. Dr. Sudha Saksena was a devoted teacher and established the curriculum and academic structure for the college's degree program in anthropology. In 1979, she joined the Department of Medical and Oral-Facial Genetics, Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, as a full-time research scientist. Dr. Vishnu Saksena was a member of the biology faculty of Muskingum College for over 33 years and in that time provided students with a wide array of rigorous course experiences, a committed appreciation for the importance of laboratory and field research and, above all else, caring guidance in personal and professional development. Importantly, then the nature and focus of this award should be understood to reflect the disciplined and caring example of professionalism provided by both of these teachers, scholars, and mentor

Past Student Winners

   Award      Hugh Kuhn       Clement E. Dasch    Vishnu P. Saksena BBB    David L. Quin BBB   Vishnu and Sudha Saksena Award

   2011           Doug McClain             Molly Watson                      Doug McClain                         No Winner                                John Bourne
                        Jenna Parrish

   2010           Ryan Hunt                   Jenna Parrish                      Jessica Lade                            No Winner                               Alissa Anderson

   2009           Jessica Turner             Kristen Fuller                      Julie Travaglini                        John Bourne                             Kyle Axe
                                                                  Doug McClain

   2008           Craig Miller                   Amy Adams                         Bonnie Whitt                            Doug McClain                        Kylee Johnson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Jessica Turner

   2007           Margot Kossman         Nick Hess                            Elizabeth Sickler                     Theresa Gratch
                         Eliza Porter                  Ashley Campbell

   2006           Shannon Poole              Eliza Porter                          Heather Nees                         Elizabeth Waynick

   2005          Deirdre Cummings      Margot Kossman                 Nicholas Biller                        Ashley Campbell       
                        Laaura Skaleski

   2004          Sarah Ellis                     Jennifer Karow                     Emily Snode                           No Winner
                       Kristen Parkinson

   2003          John Doudna                  Laura Skaleski                    Sarah Morgan                        Kaitlin McCurdy
                       Kristen Parkinson          Sarah McBeth

   2002          Cheryl Stanley               John Doudna                        Kelly Steurer                         Bryan Voelker
                       Amber Kerstetter                                                            John Doudna
   2001          Alicia Parks                   Cheryl Stanley                                                                       Michelle Cpak

   2000          Steve Kish III                Jarson Larson                                                                       Jason Larson