Muskies sample world cuisine at Spanish House

Priyadarshini Saha
Staff Writer

   The Spanish House opened its doors Oct. 21 for an evening of food, fun and music.

   For the Spanish Open House, the residents spent more than five hours preparing, gathering the spices and other supplies from area stores. The result was food from a variety of traditions, including Spanish, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Panamanian delicacies.    "It is really good!" said Valerie Smith, Assistant Director for International Programs.

   Some of the foods offered at the party were Paella, Tortilla Espanola-Spain, Arroz con gandules y jamon guisado arepas ( brown rice with ham arepas) , Carne molida (ground beef with red, yellow and green peppers)-Puerto Rico, Empanadillas (meat pocket)-Panama, Pork and peas dishes-Mexico, tortilla chips and dip, salad, Spanish Omelette, etc..

   The food was prepared by Ana Isabel Zapata Calle (a teaching assistant from Spain), Miguel Angel Rivera Aponte (a teaching assistant from Puerto Rico), Carlos Ibanez Gutierrez, Esther Viedma (exchange students from Spain), and Russ Brown and Marla Williams, professors from the Modern Languages department.

   "We were happy to have so many people coming to the open house, more than expected and we were proud to treat them to Spanish food," said Gutierrez. "We were delighted when everyone appreciated the food; it was nice as we had tried to be the best. Also we got to eat our own food almost two and a half months after being here and I was excited. It was really nice to have a chance to put together dishes from Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama as well as Panama as our cuisines happen to be widely different although we speak the same language."

   For students attending the open house, it was a rare chance to taste Spanish, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Panama cuisine, all in one evening.

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