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Restrictions on Use of 15-Passenger Vans

4 February 2003
TO: Members of the Muskingum University Community
FM: Vice President for Administration

RE: Muskingum University Policy on Transportation for University-Mandated Activities

  1. In the Winter months, University-mandated activities that anticipate traveling away from campus more than 70 miles with a party of more than 10 adults should plan and budget for travel by commercial bus or mini-bus and driver.
  2. University-mandated activities traveling in the Fall and Spring will travel by vans (either University-owned or rented) unless that activity meets one or more of the following criteria or special arrangements have been made, in which case travel may be by commercial bus/mini-bus:
    1. The activity would require more than three vans to transport, that is, the travel party is 31 or more adults or must carry equipment in such a way that even fewer individuals would require more than three vans to transport.
    2. The activity will be traveling more than 100 miles from the campus and the travel party consists of more than 10 adults.
  3. If a travel party consists of fewer than 10 adults, busing will not normally be approved.
  4. In the event of inclement weather and acting on the advice of the State Highway Patrol on whether travel should be undertaken, busing for a travel party of more than 10 adults may be substituted for the use of vans with the approval of the appropriate vice president or designee.
    1. University-mandated activities planning to travel may be prohibited from departing campus by the appropriate vice president or designee because of hazardous weather, the threat thereof, or other circumstances after consultation with the State Highway Patrol or other appropriate authority.
  5. The University official in charge of a travel party at an away activity will have the prerogative to keep the party at an away site if inclement weather arrives after that activity has begun and travel back to campus is deemed hazardous by the State Highway Patrol, after consultation with the relevant vice president or designee.
  6. When using University-owned or rented vehicles, the University official in charge of the travel party is responsible for ensuring that all actual or prospective drivers have a proper driver's license, identification, and insurance, and have received the appropriate training from the University Police.
  7. For the Fiscal Year 2002-2003, University organizations that have budgeted for van travel but find that this policy would preclude the use of vans for the planned activity may apply to the Vice President for Administration for funding to cover the difference between the planned amount for travel by vans and the cost of busing so that the required busing may occur.

J. Ransom Clark
Vice President for Administration
Muskingum University

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