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Celebrating 50 years as a Federal Depository Library at Muskingum University

Federal Depository Library LogoStaff at Muskingum’s new Roberta A. Smith University Library are celebrating 50 years as a federal depository library.

In February 1966, Muskingum University (then College) was designated as a depository for the United States government. Documentation shows that Carper W. Buckley, superintendent of documents, and John B. Armstrong, librarian at Muskingum, signed the joint agreement which was endorsed by U.S. Representative Robert. T. Secrest.

“Anyone can visit a Federal Depository library and have access to all collections for free,” explained Dr. Sheila Ellenberger, the Henry S. and Katherine W. Evans Director and Distinguished Librarian at Muskingum. “The intent of the designation was to use libraries to disseminate information from the federal government,” she added.

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) was established by Congress to ensure that the American public has access to its Government’s information. GPO administers the FDLP on behalf of the participating libraries and the public. Information products from the federal government are disseminated to these libraries that, in turn, ensure the American public has free access, according to the FDLP website.