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Buck of Zanesville presents research at Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta

Leah Buck and Kelly EmmrichMuskingum University student Leah Buck of Zanesville presented her research at the Joint Mathematics Meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in Atlanta on Jan. 6. Internationally recognized as the largest mathematics conference in the world, more than six thousand participants were in attendance.

Buck, Kelly Emmrich, a student at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, and Dr. Tamás Forgács presented their research on linear operators, titled: Sufficient Conditions for a Linear Operator on  [x] to be Monotone. The research was conducted while at California State University, Fresno in the summer of 2016. Buck was one of eight students to be accepted into the Research Experience for Undergraduates in Mathematics program.

Their findings demonstrate that being a hyperbolicity preserver does not imply monotonicity for infinite order differential operators on [x], thereby settling a recent conjecture in the negative. Buck, Emmrich and Forgács also give some sufficient conditions for such operators to be monotone.

In 2016, Buck attended and presented previous research at the Young Mathematicians Conference (YMC) and the Spring Meeting of the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America. At Muskingum University, she is advised by Professor of Mathematics Dr. Richard Daquila.