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Students present research findings at Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week

Muskingum University students presented their research findings at the science division’s Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week, held April 20-23 on the campus. 

The week features two events:  The James Bradford Colloquium and the Homer S. Anderson Lecture.  At the colloquium, students speak on their research projects to their peers and faculty members, each with a strict 15-minute time limit that emulates a professional science conference.  Those presentations are then judged and ranked by the faculty, and awards are granted to the top three presenters.

The following students received top honors for their colloquium presentations:

First place was awarded to Nathan Duff ’15, an engineering science major; and Sean Lally ’15, an engineering science major; who presented Safety System Preventing Hypothermia in Idle Vehicles

Second place went to Troy Jones ’15, geology major, who presented Diagenetic Process Involved in the Formulation of Stigmaria Sand Cast.

Third place was awarded to Jennifer Hastings ’15, an environmental science and biology major; and Connor Hann ’16, an environmental science major; who presented A Comparison of Grassland Bird Point-Count Data on Two Regions of a Reclaimed Surface Mine (The Wilds) in Southeastern Ohio.

The following students also made presentations at the colloquium:

Nate Peck ’15, an environmental science and political science major, presented Hydraulic Fracturing in Ohio:  An Analytical Study of the Policies Behind the Science.

Richard Moore ’15, a chemistry major, presented Storage and Delivery of Drug Molecules in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Libby Rahe ’15, a psychology and communication major, presented The Prevalence of Bullying and Bystander Actions on a College Campus.

At the Homer S. Anderson Lecture, students make poster presentations of their research in a manner that is typical of a professional science conferences.  Each student is expected to be available to answer questions about their poster from their peers and faculty members. 

NIK SINGHThe Anderson Lecture includes a presentation by a Muskingum alumnus who is working in a science discipline.  This year, the lecture was presented by Nikhilendra Singh (pictured at left), a 2004 alumnus who today works for the Toyota Research Institute of North America.  His lecture was titled Beyond Lithium-ion: A Case for Magnesium Battery Systems.

The following students presented posters at the Anderson Lecture:

Matthew D. Allen ’15, a chemistry major, presented Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Charge Transfer Complex from the Donor Molecule 1,2,3,6,7,8-hexahydropyrene (HHP) and Two Acceptor Molecules 11,11,12,12-tetracyanonaphtho-2,6-quinodimethane (TNAP) and 1,3,4,5,7,8-Hexafluorotetracyanonaphthoquinodimethane (F6-TNAP).

Breanna Olson ’16, a nursing major; Helen Brauning ’15, a nursing major; Alex Arnold ’16,  a nursing major and Dorothy Johnson ’16, a child and family studies major; presented Prevention of Bloodstream Infections in the Practice of Nursing.

Trevor Basham ’16, a geology and petroleum geology major; and Landis Bates ’18 presented The Thermal Degassing Properties Of Marcellus Shale From New York State.

Brianna Bonacci ’16, a psychology and health administration major, presented Sleep Matters: Sleep Quality on Measures of Wellness and Academic Success.

Kelli Brock ’15, a chemistry major, presented Mobility of Volatile Organics Found in Fracking Fluid as a Function of Soil Composition.

Bethanie R. Brown ’15, a nursing major; Danielle L. Miles ’15, a nursing major; and Natasha J. Tucke ’16, a nursing major; presented Capping Off Infection: Nightingale Style.

Deborah Carroll ’15, a chemistry major, presented Changing Thermostability of Kraft Lignin through Copolymerization with Naphthalene, 4-Pentenoyl Chloride, and 4-Acetoxystyrene.

Kelsie Churchill ’16, a psychology major, presented Tattooed and Employed.

Bo-Wen Deng ’15, an environmental science and biology major from Lanzhou, China; and Hayley Glaze ’15, an environmental science major; presented Survey of Amphibian Distribution on a 26-Hectare Plot Surrounded By Reclaimed Surface Mine Land.

Jessica Tellitocci ’16, a nursing major; Alexis Friesner ’16, a nursing major; and Hailey Dickey ’16, a nursing major; presented Faye Glenn Abdellah’s Nursing Theory and Its Relation to Antimicrobial Alcohol Impregnated Hub Caps.

Bo-Wen Deng ’15, an environmental science and biology major, presented Identification of Proteins Composing the Dystroglycan Complex (DGC).

Lamar Dowling ’15, a psychology and sociology major, presented An Exploratory Analysis of Moral Injury in Veterans: Qualitative Cohort Comparison.

Crystal Dorland ’15, a business and psychology major, presented Perceived Exertion and Physical Performance in a Final Performance Environment Following Training with Music.

Kelsey Edwards ’15, a psychology and child and family studies major, presented Visual Hindsight Bias in Preschool Aged Children Compared to Undergraduate Students.

Chase Fadley ’15, a psychology major, presented Student Anxiety and Coping Mechanisms.

Tim Fox ’15, a psychology and health and fitness major, presented How Athletes are Affected by Taunting, Aggression and Composure.

Sandie Fraley ’15, a psychology major, presented The Effects of Concussions on Visual Memory, Reaction Time and Positive Affect.

Brianna Gauding ’16, a nursing major; Adam Piciacchia ’16, a nursing major; and Jonathan Pickering ’16, a nursing major; presented Decreasing Blood Stream Infections with Influence from Patricia Brenner.

Josh Glemaker ’16, a psychology major, presented Personality and Effect on ISMS.

Cameron Godfrey ’15, a chemistry major, presented Synthesis of Lignin Copolymer and Size Exclusion Chromatography Characterization.

Tyler Granlee ’15, a psychology major, presented Perceptions of Coaching Styles.

Nick Hasulak ’15, an engineering science major; and Paul Minyo ’15, a engineering science major; presented Pole-Vault Reporting System.

Megan Holly ’15, a psychology and political science major, presented Perceptions of Candidates in National Elections.

Rylee Holman ’16, a chemistry and political science major;  and Kelli Stack ’16, a chemistry major; presented A Catalytic Study Using Suzuki - Miyaura Coupling Reaction.

Sarah Homan ’15, a geology and earth science major, presented Does AMD Make a Good Place to Stash a Body: A Look at the Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on the Decomposition of Bones.

Justin Howard ’15, a psychology major, presented Effects of Parental Interaction on Risk Behavior in College Students.

Amanda James ’15, a biology and public health studies major, presented Detection of Methicillin – Resistant Staphyloccocus Aureus on Wrestling Mats.

Will Kiourtsis ’16 presented Effects of Mining and Land Degredation on Water Quality in Muskingum County.

Alexandra Leggett ’15, a conservation science major, presented Butterfly Diversity at The Wilds Butterfly Habitat.

Fred Lowe ’15, a psychology major, presented Positive and Negative of Sport Injuries.

Jess Moore ’18, an environmental science major, presented Preservation of State Parks.

Jordan Parker ’16, a geology major, presented A Study of Natural Gas Fracking Pad Sites, Belmont County, Ohio.

Ann Marie Piecynski ’15, a psychology major, presented Effects of Nature Relatedness on Anxiety, Depression and Perceived Stress Scores.

Jessica Poff ’15, a biology major, presented The Effects of Essential Oils on the Vitality of Bacillus Cereus Endospores.

Chelsea Robinson ’15, a psychology and child and family studies major, presented The Effect of the Perceived Role of Pets on College Students.

Sebastian Teas ’15, a geology and French major, presented Modeling The Geomorphology Of The Chryse Planitia Region on Mars.

Kurt Wolfe ’15, a psychology and neuroscience major, presented Musical Sophistication Effects Psychophysiological Reactions to Out of Tune Notes.

Heidi Landis ’15, a geology and chemistry major, presented Acid Mine Drainage Around Reclaimed Mine Lands: Analysis, Mapping, and Purification.