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Awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship and faculty service granted at Convocation

FACULTY AWARD WINNERSAt Muskingum University's Convocation, held August 26 on the campus, three faculty members were recognized for excellence in teaching, scholarship and service. The awards were presented by Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. James E. Callaghan.

The William Oxley Thompson Award for Excellence in Teaching was awarded to Associate Professor of Communication Eugene L. Alesandrini. This award is named in honor of an alumnus whose career combined teaching, ministry and service as president of Miami University and The Ohio State University.

In recognizing Professor Alesandrini, Dr. Callaghan said, “Professor Alesandrini is one of those natural-born teachers – the kind of person that cares about young people, wants then to succeed, and gives them the tools and the knowledge it takes to make them succeed.”

Professor Alesandrini joined the faculty in 1987.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from Bradley University and his master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University. 

The William Rainey Harper Award for Outstanding Scholarship was granted to Associate Professor of Religion Dr. Peter W. Gosnell.  This award is named for an alumnus who was a renowned scholar, educator and the founder and first president of the University of Chicago.

Of his scholarship, Dr. Callaghan noted the publication of Dr. Gosnell’s critically acclaimed new book, The Ethical Vision of the Bible: Learning Good from Knowing God, and said, “Dr. Gosnell’s book is attracting the spotlight, and its warm glow is reflecting very well upon Muskingum University.  Dr. Gosnell’s book is not only the result of the scholar in the library, but also the teacher in the classroom, because he honed his material there.”

Dr. Gosnell joined the faculty at Muskingum in 2002.  He earned his bachelor’s degree  from Princeton University, his master of divinity degree and his master of theology degree from Western Seminary and his doctoral degree from the University of Sheffield. 

The Cora I. Orr Faculty Service Award was bestowed upon Associate Professor of History Dr. Thomas E. McGrath.  It is named in honor of a Muskingum faculty member and administrator who served the university with devotion and distinction for four decades.

Citing Dr. McGrath’s achievements at the university, Dr. Callaghan said, “Dr. McGrath’s attention to detail, his unwavering commitment to including multiple voices and his willingness to discuss and handle people’s questions and concerns must be recognized.”

Dr. McGrath joined the Muskingum faculty in 2002.  He earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of San Diego and a master’s degree and his doctoral degree from Cornell University.

IN THE PHOTO: From left to right, Dr. Thomas E. McGrath, Eugene L. Alesandrini, Dr. Peter W. Gosnell and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. James E. Callaghan.