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Students and faculty members collaborate on research for 2013 Summer Muskie Fellows program

Several students have been accepted into the 2013 Summer Muskie Fellows program.

The program allows students and faculty to immerse themselves in the pursuit of specific and challenging areas of research that the students study during the regular school year.

To be considered for a fellowship, students must write a detailed proposal of what they intend to study and what they hope that study will achieve. This is done in tandem with the faculty members with whom they intend to work, and who must provide the formal nomination for the fellowship. Proposals are then considered by the office of the vice president of academic affairs and ultimately approved by the president of the university. 

The following students and faculty are working together this summer:

Megan Duke ’14 will conduct research on mathematical problems posed in professional mathematics journals with Professor of Mathematics Dr. Richard Daquila.

Ryan Burke ’14 and Andy Piper ’14 will study point counts and nest detection of grassland shrub-nesting birds at The Wilds with Dr. Jim Dooley, the Bill and Martha Lovejoy Distinguished Professor of Biology,  and Dr. Danny Ingold,  the Homer A. Anderson Distinguished Professor in the Natural Sciences. 

Connie Montoney ’14 and Marc Patti ’14 will study the management and digitization of Muskingum’s archival materials with Dr. William Kerrigan, the Arthur G. Cole and Eloise Barnes Cole Distinguished Professor of American History.

Caitlin Deep ’14 will study capital punishment clemency decisions in Ohio with Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Stacy Parker.

Katherine Simms ’13 will study the development of branding strategies, market research for a new business with Instructor of Business Kristine Pray.

Sarah Francino ’16 will continue a study of a more blight resistant hybrid type of chestnut trees at a reclaimed surface coal mine with Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Amy Santas.

Phillip Krall ’15 and Nicholas Rohozen ’14 will study the creation of  unmanned aerial vehicle technology to be deployed to civilian search and rescue teams with Jay Shaffstall.

Chris Deal ’13 will study the development of a model to predict shoreline erosion in Salt Fork Lake with Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn.