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Muskingum marks 175th anniversary with 21st century technology and a special exhibition

Muskingum’s 175th anniversary is being commemorated using some high-tech tools. 

Historic Walking Tour of Muskingum is the university’s first-ever e-book, which allows a virtual walking tour of the campus on any computer, Kindle, smart phone or tablet.  To read sample pages and get details on how to download the book from Amazon, click here.

Also on the web is MuskieArchivesOnline, which contains images from Muskingum’s rich history.  Thanks to a design by Caleb Eno ’12, a digital media design major, the picture viewer allows for zooming in for a closer look.  Also assisting Caleb was Clint McElfresh ’12.  To see the archives, click here.

On campus, Philip and Betsy Caldwell Hall features a museum-quality display of artifacts from many generations of Muskies, as well as numerous informational panels.  The exhibit was created by Professor Dr. William Kerrigan, alumna Erin Stevic ’02, and current students Evan Daniel ’12, Katie Day ’12, Brock Hutichson ’12, and Muriel Smith ’14.

"They have paid tribute to Muskingum's history with dignity, cleverness, and wisdom,” said President Anne C. Steele.  

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