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Homer A. Anderson lecture features Chaz Miller ’07 and presentations of student research findings

CHAZ MILLERThe Science Division held its annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week April 16-20, featuring the annual Homer A. Anderson Lecture, delivered by alumnus Chaz Miller ’07.  

Miller’s address, titled Creativity:  The Key Ingredient, chronicled his professional and academic experience since leaving Muskingum, and the importance of creativity and flexibility when making the transition from academia to the corporate world  

After graduating from Muskingum with a degree in in physics, Miller earned his master’s degree in materials science and engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Today, he is a semiconductor fabrication engineer at Texas Instruments. 

Following the Anderson Lecture, students from the Science Division made poster presentations of their research findings.  The Science Division includes the departments of biology, chemistry, geology, physics and engineering, mathematics, computer science and psychology as well as interdisciplinary programs in molecular biology, environmental science, neuroscience and conservation science.  Their work was judged by the division’s faculty and three prize winners and three honorable mentions were named.

The following students placed in the top three:

First place:  Heather Henry '12 presented Catalase Transfer from Melanocytes to Keratinocytes: Defense Against UVR Induced Oxidative Stress In Human Skin.

Second place:  Evan Shelton '12 presented  A Terror Management Theory Assessment of Early American Pragmatism.

Third place:  Molly Scholl '12 presented The Effect of Various Stimulants on Salivary Testosterone Levels in Female Collegiate Volleyball Players.

Receiving honorable mentions were:

Elizabeth M. Bullard '12 presented The Abundance of Winter Raptors on a Reclaimed Surface Mine in Southeast Ohio

Ashley Fox '12 presented Synthesis and Analysis of a Novel Charge-Transfer Complex from 1,2,3,6,7,8-Hexahydropyrene and 7,7,8,8-Tetracyanoquinodimethane.

John C. Bourne '12p resented Habitat Fragmentation and Its Effects on the Distributionand Abundance of Salamander Species on a Reclaimed Surface Mine.

To see a complete list of the presenters and read their abstracts, click here.