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Science students make presentations at annual Fall Research and Internship Forum

Muskingum University Science Division students presented their research findings and internship experiences at the university’s annual Fall Research and Internship Forum. 

The following students made poster presentations to their peers and members of the faculty: 

Derek Anderson ’12 presented X-Ray Fluorescence: Determining Compositions of Unknown Materials.

John Bourne ’12 presented  Use of an Invasive Grass by Small Mammal Species on a Restored Prairie

Joe Castle ’12 presented Molecular Simulations of Cognitive Proteins Using Gromacs Molecular Dynamic Modeling Software.

Melanie Cox ’12 presented The Wilds: Protozoa, Snakes, and Fungus.

Ashley Fox ’12 presented Hydrogen Bonding Changes Molecular Structure: A Microwave Spectroscopy / AB Initio Investigation

Jesse Harval ’12 presented The Species Profile of Lotic Fish Communities Affected by Landscape Level Surface Mining Degradation.

Sarah Hare ’12 presented Creating an Android Application for a Clinic in Haiti

Rachel Hentz ’12 presented Time Resolved Ion Selectivity Studies on the Natrolite

Andrea Larkin ’13 presented Tooling Design Engineer

Brandon Leyda ’14 and Brian Sayre ’14 presented Electrical Resistivity Measurements in Undisturbed and Surface-Stripped Soils

Julie Long ’13, Alex Roth ’13 and Paige Williams ’12 presented The Reproductive Success of Various Grassland Bird Species at The Wilds, A Reclaimed Surface Mine

Jendy Weppler ’13 presented Construction of the 135 and 155 Penta Mutants of Bacillus Subtilis Adenylate Kinase

Sara Young ’12 presented Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resources Management: Protecting the Environment, Regulating Coal Extraction and Powering the U.S.A.

To read the complete abstract of each presentation, click here.