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“How much is an education really going to cost?”  Muskingum University offers online Net Price Calculator

“How much is an education really going to cost?”  This question is among the most important faced by college students and their parents. “Unfortunately, most students don’t receive final information about costs until the very end of the college search process,” explains Jeff Zellers, vice-president for enrollment at Muskingum University. “So it is difficult to know whether to explore a particular institution when the cost question is such an unknown.”

“Muskingum University can do better than that,” said Beth DaLonzo, senior director of admission and student financial services at Muskingum. “We have a way to help you out by providing tools to estimate the cost of a high-quality education, well in advance of the formal financial aid process.  Those tools allow prospective student to estimate their financial aid eligibility and potential costs at Muskingum University.

The Commitment and Family Cost Estimator, a look-up table, is a quick and easy way to get a general estimate of the cost to attend Muskingum.  The Net Price Calculator involves a more thorough look at a student’s individual circumstances with questions that mirror the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

“We want to emphasize that these tools are designed to provide an estimate of financial aid and costs. The results are as accurate as the information that is provided. The estimate applies only for the upcoming academic year, though financial aid awards usually remain consistent throughout a student’s career if family financial circumstances remain about the same,” said Zellers.

To see the Commitment and Family Cost Estimator and the Net Price Calculator, click here.

Muskingum’s history of demystifying the financial aid process includes its innovative $4,000 price reduction in 1996.

For more information, contact the Muskingum University Office of Student Financial Services at 800-752-6082.