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Homer A. Anderson Lecture includes student research findings, four award winners

More than 30 Muskingum University Science Division students presented their research findings as a part of the Homer A. Anderson lecture, held annually on the campus in New Concord, Ohio. 

Each student presented their research in the form of a poster, and those presentations were then judged on a variety of criteria.  The display and judging of the posters was preceded by the Anderson Lecture, which this year was given by Muskingum University alumnus Dr. Wayne Likavec who graduated in 1990 and today is the new product development and quality control manager for DayGlo, Incorporated, a world leader in the manufacture of highly specialized colors and color applications.

The following students were recognized by their faculty judges:

Troy Gessner ’10 and Trevor Lutz ’10 received first place, representing molecular biology
Katie Stewart ’10 received second place, representing biology
Erin Lycans ’11 and Erik Nesbit ’11 earned third place, representing biology
David Shahbodaghi ’10 earned an honorable mention, representing neuroscience

The following students made poster presentations: 

Ross Barr ’10 presented Personality’s influence on memory.

Seth Barrett ’11 presented The making of and electroforming copper metal onto ceramic ovenware and Determination of the extraction coefficient of a ru(bpy)­­­32+ redox probe through nafiontm using UV-visible spectroscopy.

R. Adam Barry ’10 presented Trip tracker: A GPS application for Google’s Android mobile OS.

Kelley Crater ’11 and with Instructor of Biology Shelley Amstutz-Szalay presented The presence of baylisascaris procyonis (raccoon roundworm) in southeastern Ohio.

Zachary Elliston ’11 presented Geostatistical modeling of a local water table, Byesville Ohio.

Jennifer Fletcher ’10 presented The effects of personality, interests and stereotypes on career choice.

Ashley Fraser ’10 presented Expectancy effects in subliminal messaging.

Troy Gessner ’10 presented Synthesis and analysis of a novel charge-transfer complex from1,2,3,6,7,8-hexahydropyrene and p-chloranil and Kinetic and stability studies of wild-type and mutant adenylate kinase from gram positive and gram negative bacteria, which he presented with Trevor Lutz ’10.

Thomas Hammond ’11 presented Reducing the own-race bias through shifting attention.

Emily Hart ’10 presented Athlete burnout among college basketball players.

Ashley Hill ’10 presented The influence of weight loss methods on the perceptions of a female target.

Jessica Lade ’10 presented Vegetation analysis of the impact of wildlife grazing on pastures at The Wilds.

Ryan Loe ’11 presented The effect of alkali metal ion size in the synthesis of Bengard salts for charge transfer complexes.

Trevor Lutz ’11 presented Fluorescence study of modified lignin compounds.

Erin Lycans ’11 presented A study on the viability of semen collected from wild snakes to further the conservation effort of threatened and endangered species.

Amy Miller ’10 presented Input state transitions and bipartite pauli channels with memory.

Erik Nesbit ’11 presented Relationship between body mass index and ankle injury.

Lauren O’Keefe ’11 presented Parental involvement and its relationship with self-esteem and coping mechanisms.

Benjamin Pasley ’11 presented Modulated X-ray source study.

John Rawson, Jr. ’11 presented Differences in visuo-spatial ability among art, music and theater majors.

Andrea Richard ’11 presented Stellar surface imaging of lo pegasi via light curve inversion.

David Shahbodaghi ’10, Kristen Fuller ’10 and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Brian Bergstrom presented Neuroprotective effects of minocycline and melatonin: a possible putative treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

Kayla Sherman ’10 presented The prevalence of traditional bullying and cyber bullying in middle school and high school students.

Ben Skelley ’11 and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jim Dooley presented White-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) population size estimation among habitats at The Wilds.

Ryan Sparks ’11 presented Addition of boronated-naphthalene probe to brominated lignin.

Katie Stewart ’10 presented Effect of ion size and ion charge on mass transport of redox probes through Nafion.

Traci Watts ’10, Professor of Biology Dr. Danny Ingold and Dan Beetem presented  An ethogram of dholes (cuon alpinus) in large enclosures at The Wilds.

Tom Williams ’10 presented Can two weeks of exercise enhance endurance: The effects of acute exercise on rat endurance.

Courtney Zink ’10 presented The factors influencing individual performance in group therapy.