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Students present research findings at Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week

The Science Division at Muskingum College recently held its Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Week, which allows students to present the findings of their research projects at the college.

The following students presented their research in poster presentations: 

Keith Bergreen '09 presented PCR-based site-directed mutagenesis of a plasmid DNA.

Emily Brown '09 and Instructor of Biology Shelley Amstutz-Szalay presented The relationship between quadricepts-hamstring strength ratio and ACL injury in female collegiate soccer players.

Allie Buckohr '09 presented Intrinsic motivation and its effects on collegiate athletes.

Ming Cai, studying at Muskingum from Lanzhou, China, presented Synthesis and characterization on cobalt(ii) complex of maleonitriledithiolate (mnt) and 2,2’-bipyridine.

Chad Callihan '09 presented Striving towards a user-specific online experience.

Anthony Carson '09, Scott Madison '09, Caleb Butcher '10, and Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn presented Survey of mine-related subsidence in the Byesville, Ohio area:  Possible implications of using underground mine fed aquifers.

Zachary Conley '10 presented Development of a unit plan to instruct high school chemistry using molecular modeling and computational chemistry software.

Zachary Conley'10, Troy Gessner '09 and Trevor Lutz '10 presented Transesterification of spent coffee grounds: A comparison of brands and types.

Mai Dang '10 and Professor of Chemistry Dr. Raymond Rataiczak presented Synthesis of a charge-transfer complex containing HAT(CN)6 and pyrene.

Abby Davis '09 presented Effects of self-consciousness and self-awareness on procrastination.

Kelsey Dillehay '09 and Instructor of Biology Shelley Amstutz-Szalay presented Detection of hepatitis e in an Ohio domestic swine herd.

Deanna Dobos '09 presented Intensity of cognitive anxiety, somatic A-state anxiety, and state self-confidence as predictors of athletic performance:  The effects of anxiety on track and field performance.

Katie Easley '09 presented Phenylalanine decreases extracellular dopamine in the striatum.

Lindsay Heidebrink '09 and Instructor of Biology Shelley Amstutz-Szalay presented The relationship between body mass index and ankle injury in collegiate basketball players.

Jayson Hilborn '09 presented Resource description framework.

Molly Hoover '09 presented Effects of anabolic-androgenic steroid administration on aggressive and sexual behaviors in rats.

April Hung '09, Chelsea Popowski '09 and Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Amy Santas presented Transcription profiles of dystrophin and utrophin in human epidermis.

Kylie Johnson '09 presented Effects of stress-induced changes in the hemolymph of freshwater unionid mussels from exposure to anoxic conditions.

LaKeshia Jones '09 presented Stressed out?  A study on stress among college students.

Matthew Konkler '09 and Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn presented Accessing the impact of surface mining in the Collins Fork Watershed using the rosgen level-1 stream classification, southeastern Ohio.

Kaci Lashley '09 presented Effects of gross motor skills training on gross motor ability.

Shelby Louis '09 presented Selective self-stereotyping among Greek and independent women.

Kevin Mandilakis '09 and Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Amy Santas presented Strategy for infecting gastropods with parelaphostrongylus tenuis Stage 1 larvae.

Brandi R. Martin '09 presented Perceptions of domestic violence.

Christopher Meager '09 and Instructor of Criminal Justice Dr. Deborah Vegh, with Dr. Mark Stambush, Valerie Gonsalves and Mario Scalora (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), presented Clinical decision making:  identifying risk factors to predict imminent inpatient violence towards treatment staff.

Erica J. Miller '09 and Kristyn L. Story '09 presented Does the tabloid to the talking?  The effect of aggressive primes on indirect aggression.

Mallory Moore '09 presented Depression among physically ill patients.

Moneen Morgan '09 presented Identification of Aeromonas species isolated from aquatic habitats in southeastern Ohio.

Sarah Morgan '09 presented Advertising for recruitment:  Women and the glass ceiling.

Melissa Mull '09 and Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Lois Zook-Gerdau presented Temperature dependence of the diffusion coefficients of  M(BPY)X in Nafion.

Melissa Mull '09 and Katie Stewart '10 presented Synthesis and characterization of metal complexes.

Cessna Nichols '09 presented Darter diversity at The Wilds.

Sarda Paul '09 presented Perception of women in the business world:  Cross-cultural study in U.S.A. and India.

Camelia M. Petre '10 and Johannes Strobel presented 400,000 people who landed on the Moon: Life stories of engineers involved in the Moon landing.

Chelsea F. Popowski '09, April Y. Hung '09 and Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Amy Santas presented Dystrophin and Utrophin transcripts in human epidermis.

Scott Schumacher '09 and Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn presented Using ihacres to model stream flow in the Wills Creek Watershed.

Jimmy Siford '11 presented Nesting success of grassland birds on a reclaimed surface mine.

Jaimie Summers '09 presented Effects of personality traits on reckless behavior.

Shuntaro Tadano '09 presented Long photoperiod has antidepressant effect on rats.

Jessica B. Turner '09, Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jim Dooley, Mandi Vick and Rupert Palme presented The effects of husbandry situations on the levels of cortisol in Persion Onagers.

Kristie Turner '09 presented The phonemic ability and laterality connection.

Kyle Waltz '09 presented The result of musical stimulus on cognitive performance.