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Science Division students present research at James Bradford Colloquium, three winners named

Muskingum College science division and interdisciplinary students made their research presentations at the annual James Bradford Colloquium, held recently on the campus.  Three presenters were selected as prize winners. Winners were selected by science division faculty members, and the prizes were funded by The Carolyn and Glenn Hodges Student Research Awards Fund.

The colloquium is a presentation of senior research from the biology, chemistry, geology, physics and engineering, mathematics, computer science and psychology departments, as well as interdisciplinary programs in molecular biology, environmental science, neuroscience and conservation science.

The following seniors received awards:

First place was awarded to April Hung and Chelsea Popowski, who presented Dystrophin and Utrophin Transcripts in Human Epidermis.

Second place was awarded to Jessica Turner, who presented The Effects of Husbandry Situations on the Levels of Cortisol in Persion Onagers.   

Third place was awarded to Mai Dang, who presented Synthesis of a Charge-Transfer Complex Containing HAT(CN)6 and Pyrene. 

The following seniors also made presentations at the colloquium: 

Erica Miller and Kristyn Story presented The Effect of Aggressive Primes on Indirect Aggression. 

Anthony Carson presented Survey of Mine-Related Subsidence in the Byesville, Ohio area: Possible Implications of Using Underground Mine Fed Aquifers. Carson’s student co-authors were Scott Madison and Caleb Butcher '10.

Katie Easley presented Acute Effects of Phenylalanine on Extracellular Dopamine Dynamics.