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Students broaden their studies with Summer Fellows program

A select group of Muskingum College students are spending their summer studying in a variety of different academic disciplines as part of the college’s 2006 Summer Fellows program.

The program allows students and faculty to immerse themselves in the pursuit of highly specific and challenging areas that the students study during the regular school year.

To be considered for a fellowship, students must write a detailed proposal of what they intend to study and what they hope that study will achieve. This is done in tandem with the faculty members with whom they intend to work, and who must provide the formal nomination for the fellowship. Proposals are then considered by the office of the vice president of academic affairs for approval.

The following students and faculty are working together this summer:

Meredith Bowman '07and Alicia Seng '07 are working in collaboration with Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. William Kerrigan on a pictorial and oral history of Jefferson Township and Salt Fork Lake.

Ashley Campbell '08 is doing an internship at the Audubon Center for Research on Endangered Species in New Orleans.  She is working with Associate Professor of Biology Dr. Jim Dooley.

Adam Cirone '07 is working in collaboration with Professor of Biology Dr. Danny Ingold on the impact of vegetation structure and plant species compositions on grassland bird abundance on a reclaimed strip-mine in southeastern Ohio.

Jennifer Sorrell '09 is working in collaboration with Instructor of Geology Shelley Judge to analyze data from one or two marine isotope stages from the Expedition 306 site, with contains samples for the past 1.5 million years.

Jason Tarbert '08 is working in collaboration with Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen VanHorn to assemble a GIS base map of The Wilds from aerial photographs and “ground-truthing” the data.

Kevin Triskett '07 is working in collaboration with Professor of Speech Communication and Theatre Dr. Jerry Martin to do primary research investigating the social impact of new music on various strata of American society.

Jessica Turner '09 is working in collaboration with Associate Professor of Biology Dr. James Dooley on continued investigation aimed at further elucidating the nature and magnitude of West Nile disease prevalence among kestrels living at the Wilds.

Valerie Weaver '07 is working in collaboration with Professor of Education and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs for Teacher Education Dr. Vicki Wilson to research Immigration and English Language Learners in southeastern Ohio.

Bonnie Whitt '08 is working in collaboration with Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Amy Santas on a dystroglycan research project.