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Geology student and faculty members present papers at Geological Society of America meeting

A Muskingum College student and two faculty members have been selected to present their research findings at the 118th annual meeting of the Geological Society of America. The meeting will be held October 22 – 25 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Jason Esselburn '07 and Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn will present their work “Survey of Ostracodes in lakes and streams in a reclaimed surface mine, The Wilds, southeastern Ohio.” Ostracodes are a small aquatic crustacean belonging to the subclass Ostracoda, characterized by a bivalve shell and are known to be good indicators of environmental conditions.

Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Eric Law will present his work, “A model for the source of silica in the Pennsylvanian Vanport limestone of Ohio.” The three-meter thick middle Pennsylvania Vanport limestone deposited in east central Ohio is famous for its inclusion of large chert nodules up to three meters in diameter.

Established in 1888, The Geological Society of America provides access to elements that are essential to the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise and from all sectors: academic, government, business, and industry.