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Muskingum College offering full tuition to train teachers in hard-to-staff subjects

A $300,000 grant to Muskingum College will help to quickly prepare more teachers for high-need subjects.

This Ohio Core Support Initiative is funded by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Board of Regents, and provides 24 semester hours of graduate work leading to adolescent/young adult licensure (grades 7-12) in math, life science, chemistry or multi-age licensure (grades K-12) in French or Spanish.

These are the subjects in which Ohio has the greatest teacher shortage, according to Dr. Vicki Wilson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Teacher Education at Muskingum. The deadline for application is September 15, 2006.

“We are excited for the opportunity to provide high quality instruction to prospective teachers in such high-demand and high-need subjects,” said Dr. Wilson.

The program will be free for up to 30 participants who will take part in a year-long program beginning this fall. The course of study leads to a teaching license upon completion. Courses will be held on Friday evenings and on Saturdays. Additional non-credit workshops will be held to prepare student for the required Praxis II tests. The program includes field work and/or student teaching that can be completed within the confines of current work schedules.

“These awards will help us get more highly-qualified teachers into the classroom in high-need subject areas, helping school districts across Ohio build the capacity they need for all students to study the Ohio Core in high school,” said Ohio Governor Bob Taft.

The Ohio Core proposal is a plan to incorporate higher sciences and foreign languages into the school curriculum so high school students are better prepared for college or the workforce. This plan will become the default standard graduate qualifications starting with the class of 2011.

For more information, contact Dr. Wilson at 740-826-8031 or the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies at Muskingum College at 740-826-8038.