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Professors author book to help teacher candidates recognize and understand student diversity

Four Muskingum College education professors recently collaborated on a new book titled Building on Student Diversity: Profiles and Activities.   The book will be available September 5, 2006, through SAGE Publications, for $34.95 or from the Muskingum College Bookstore.

BOOK AUTHORS The authors are Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Joy R. Cowdery, Associate Professor of Education Dr. Linda Ingling, Professor of Education Dr. Linda E. Morrow, and Professor of Education and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Teacher Education Dr. Vicki Wilson.

Understanding Student Diversity gives teachers and teacher candidates, a real-world context for learning and practice in accommodating children with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

To help teachers with diverse students, the authors have developed a set of biographies and simulated cumulative files of six students at three levels (early childhood, middle school, and high school.) The major portion of the book consists of applied, hands-on activities that teachers can use in conjunction with the student biographies, cumulative files, and demographic information to gain experience in working with diverse groups of children.

The profiles include a European American child from an impoverished background with a specific learning disability in reading; another European American working-class child identified as intellectually-gifted; an African-American child diagnosed with AD/HD; a Mexican child who is an English language learner in kindergarten and the early grades who recognizes in high school that he is gay; a wheel-chair bound child; and an English language learner in middle school and high school who is reluctant  to adopt the language and culture of his new home.

"Through the activities in the book, teacher candidates will learn that there is no such thing as ‘the class,’ but rather an extraordinarily rich and varied collection of individuals who with skills and perseverance can be woven into a powerful and empowering learning community,” explained co-author Dr. Wilson.

In the photo: Co-authors Cowdery, Ingling, Morrow and Wilson.