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Muskingum College presents “First Step” program, a summer transition program for college-bound students
with learning disabilities and/or ADHD

Muskingum College will be offering First Step, a program designed to improve the academic skills of persons with learning disabilities and/or ADHD, from July 16 – 29, 2006. The two-week summer experience helps high school juniors and seniors to make the transition to college, whether or not they plan to attend Muskingum.

Included in the 2006 First Step is a non-credit college expository class that examines local history. Through lectures and hands-on laboratories, students will investigate the histories of John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed), The National Road, regional coal mining, and Muskingum College’s past and present.

First Step aims to reduce student anxiety and to promote academic success, said Dr. Eileen Henry, Executive Director of Muskingum College’s Center for Advancement of Learning, which has provided academic support to Muskingum students for more than two decades.   “Participants develop a better understanding of their unique learning styles, as well as a plan for improving their opportunities for academic success.”

These opportunities include diagnostic learning assessments, academic reinforcement and instruction through one-on-one tutoring, learning strategies workshops, and social and emotional support.

“Students will identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and then will be given assistance in practicing strategies such as time management and organization; note-taking; textbook reading; writing, proofing and speaking; memory, testing, listening, and self-advocacy,” explained Dr. Henry.

“The time that students spend at a program like First Step will help them enter college feeling confident and comfortable,” said Dr. Henry.

Muskingum College’s Center for Advancement of Learning is dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities to realize their academic potential and provides the framework for campus-wide academic support. Through the Center, Muskingum College offers its nationally- recognized PLUS Program of comprehensive academic support services for students with specific learning disabilities. Those services include tutoring by qualified professionals, advising regarding the number and mix of courses, and group study opportunities.

For more information regarding Muskingum College’s Center for Advancement of Learning, call Dr. Henry at 740/826-6082, email her at or click here.