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The Neptune and Cole Families Contribute over $1.5 Million to Establish Endowed Professorships

The Muskingum College Community is profoundly grateful to the Neptune and Cole families for the establishment of two endowed professorships. The Ruth Dorsey Neptune Distinguished Professorship in Fine Arts was founded by Dr. John Neptune ’42 in memory of his wife, Ruth Dorsey Neptune ’40. The Arthur and Eloise Barnes Cole Distinguished Professorship in American History was created by the Cole Family. The generosity of these alumni ensures that Muskingum’s heritage of superb teaching will continue in perpetuity.

Dr. John A. Neptune ’42 established this distinguished professorship in memory of his wife, Ruth Dorsey Neptune ’40 to support the fine arts education that she loved so dearly and to reward excellence in teaching at Muskingum College.

The Neptunes met while both were on the faculty at Muskingum. Dr. Neptune was an assistant professor of chemistry and Mrs. Neptune an assistant professor of art. The couple left Muskingum in 1947 for graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Neptune joined the faculty of San Jose State University, from which he retired in 1990. Mrs. Neptune continued to teach art from her home studio until her death in 1990.

With the dedication of the Ruth Dorsey Neptune Distinguished Professorship in Fine Arts, the dynamic processes of teaching and learning at Muskingum College will be nurtured and sustained throughout time.

The late Arthur G. Cole and Eloise Barnes ’33 Cole established their distinguished professorship to ensure a permanent quality of teaching of American History at Muskingum.

Following her graduation from Muskingum, Eloise Barnes Cole became a teacher and served in both the Zanesville and Muskingum County Schools. She was an active member of the Blue Triangle Club, served on the board of directors for the YWCA, and was a member of the Columbus Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Arthur Cole retired from the Mosaic Tile Company after a 38-year career. Active in the community and the region, he served as president of the Muskingum Valley Guidance Center and assisted in the development of the Muskingum Comprehensive Center. Mr. Cole played a key role in the development of the Muskingum Valley Conservancy Flood Control and the Metropolitan Housing Authority. He was a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis Club and the American Legion.

The Coles’ gift, symbolizing their generosity, foresight and commitment to educational excellence, will benefit generations of Muskingum College students