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Students named to 2005 Summer Fellows program

A select group of Muskingum College students have been chosen to spend their summer studying in a variety of different academic disciplines as a part of the college’s 2005 Summer Fellows program.

Now in its sixth year, the program allows students and faculty to immerse themselves in the pursuit of highly specific and challenging areas that the students study during the regular school year.

To be considered for a fellowship, students must write a detailed proposal of what they intend to study and what they hope that study will achieve. This is done in tandem with the faculty members with whom they intend to work, and who must provide the formal nomination for the fellowship. Proposals are then considered by the office of the vice president of academic affairs for approval.

The following students and faculty will are working together this summer:

Jason Esselburn '07and Assistant Professor of Geology Dr. Stephen Van Horn will study the distribution of Ostracoda (a nearly microscopic crustacean) at The Wilds;

Dan Hollenbaugh '07 and Associate Professor of Biology Dr. James Dooley will student the spread of West Nile virus among kestrels living at The Wilds and Ashleigh Lemon '07 will have an internship in New Orleans at the Audubon Center for Research on Endangered Species with Dr. Dooley as her supervising professor;

Lewis Maraire '06 and Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Joe Nowakowski will develop a regional database of economic information and test international trade theories for the local economy;

Mandy Maxhimer '06 and Melinda Workman '06 will work with Professor of Education Dr. Linda Morrow to research and develop a set of approaches for successful reading intervention alternatives for students above grade three.

Steve Maxwell '07 and Associate Professor of Geology Dr. Eric Law will do a comparison study of chert (flint-like rock) occurring in limestone formations in Ohio and Nevada;

Charles Miller '07 and Assistant Professor of Physics Dr. Richard Taylor will assemble a sample magnetometer;

Jared Molden '06 and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Lois Zook-Gerdau will perform water quality measurements on the Salt Creek Watershed;

Sarah Neal '07 and Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Marianne Engle will study spatial learning in young starlings;

Eugene Saunders '06 and Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr. Michelle Boomgaard will study the role of immigration and native population in the evolution of nationalist sentiments in European politics.

Daniel Shuey '06 and Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Walter Huber will study innovation in pre-primary contribution strategy during the Howard Dean campaign;

John Treasure '07 and Professor of Biology Dr. Danny Ingold will study nest site fidelity among ground-nesting birds at The Wilds.